The Guide

The Guide: Higher and Secondary Education Instruction, and Organizational Development and Training By: Carmen Iannaccone, Ed.D. and Faizan Haq, M.A.

Carmen’s Teaching-Learning Guide is dedicated to improving teaching and learning in higher education secondary education and other organizations. It contains extensive media-enhanced written information and hyperlinks to other resource materials. We also invite and encourage discussion that focuses on teaching-learning among higher education faculty, secondary education teachers, organizational instructors and other facilitators. Carmen’s Home wholeheartedly supports online collaboration within a dedicated teaching-learning community.

The Guide should prove to be practical, easily accessible; and a technologically sound resource. It is designed to improve and broaden the exchange and application of training knowledge and skills of health and human service personnel. The major objectives that directly address health and human service training and education staff are as follows:

To optimize the effectiveness of health and human services training as well as the impact on the delivery of the multiplicity of services. To provide a comprehensive, high quality, and interactive training and learning activities resource designed for the needs and demands of the diverse health and human service trainee/learner.

To stimulate and encourage trainers to become reflective about the overall effectiveness of training processes/activities and materials. To advance the knowledge and skill base of health and human service training and its validity for trainers as well as consumers. To facilitate the ongoing interaction across levels of training personnel and consumers concerning topics and issues associated with training processes and trainee performance.

To foster co-teaching and team training activities designed to enrich the learning experiences of trainees/learners.

To determine trainers’ knowledge and skill acquisition through activities provided at the outset and conclusion of each chapter or module

The Guide will yield greater returns as professional competencies continuously advance and as we face new challenges and create new opportunities in organizational development.

Posted in The guide on Sep 01, 2019