I’m Dan and I am just completing my junior year in college. My overall adjustment to college life has been somewhat “bumpy” to say the least. Having attended a highly structured high school I wasn’t prepared for the open and loosely structured environment I found in college. Moving away from home and living with others made it difficult for me to manage both my time and energy. At times I opted for the “good time” rather than make the social sacrifice in order to get started on course assignments. Furthermore, it has been necessary for me to hold a part time job through my first three-years of college. While I enjoy and feel that I am benefiting from the courses that I have taken, I seldom feel that I am able to give every- thing that I can to reading, assignments or class activities that are required. I rarely have time to discuss ideas with my classmates outside of class although I did collaborate with another student on several projects related to one course. Although I had some difficulty finding mutually convenient times to meet, those were stimulating experiences for me and something I hope will be encouraged more in courses that I take during my senior year.