Introductory Comment

There is no doubt that online social networking has become an increasingly important activity in lives of virtually all America’s citizens. And while active debate continues regarding the benefits and shortcomings of various formats of online communication technologies, its acknowledged potential offers unlimited possibilities for social networking.

This unit of study “Utilizing Online Social Networking” is intended to provide Group Preparation and Selection II/Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting Leaders (GPSII/MAPP Leaders) with a viable resource of information for use in training foster care service providers. Essentially, a wide range of current and practical information has been drawn from numerous sources including public newspapers and periodicals, scholarly journals and publications and Internet search engines.

Through the review and examination of current trends, issues, challenges and countervailing interventions associated with cases of abuse associated with online social networking, GPSII/MAPP Leaders will acquire a deeper understanding of this communication technology’s uniqueness and promise. They will as well be positioned to provide very much needed guidance and support provided to families of children and youth with challenges and disabilities who are recipients of foster care.

Finally, an expression of deep gratitude is extended to the team members who have contributed so very creatively to this online unit of study. Included are Design and Media Content Specialists of Manage Your Business and Edinfocom:

Their tireless effort in helping to find up-to-date information; and employ facilitative design features have added attractiveness, relevance and functional efficiency to the web-site.

This project was funded by the Buffalo State College State University of New York, Center for the Development of Human Services (CDHS) and directed by: