What has Contributed to the Vast Popularity of OSN?

In an article discussing texting, Deborah M. Todd of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette believes it has fundamentally changed our conversations. What was intended to be a tool for brief statements has become the medium that kicks off the day’s conversations even before most people are awake. Even when most of us are asleep, your adults’ smartphones continue buzzing from inbound texts. In fact, 37 percent of 18-24-year-old smartphone owners receive texts at 4 in the morning,” reads a summary of a recent Experian Simmons national consumer study.”

A survey of approximately 25,000 U.S. adults used data from a mobile panel that collects information directly from 1,485 . Additional data tracking the increased usage of texts over the decades reveals other messaging trends. The number of yearly text messages sent in the U.S. skyrocketed from 240.8 billion in June 2007 to 2.27 trillion by June of this year, according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, a Washington D.C.-based trade group. The jump was likely due to a surge in use among young adults. Fifty-nine percent of all adults and 85 percent of adults ages 18-24  use their phone to text during a typical week, according to the Experian Simmons study.

One of the most interesting points we found was that among 18-34 year-olds , 48 percent said having a text conversation is as meaningful as a phone call. I think in the past text was a way of getting a burst of information to someone to get a quick response. Today I think it’s starting to act like a medium of conversation” said Tanner.

Phone calls are still useful for longer interactions, conversations involving negotiations or other long discussions. I think the short phone calls we used to have-calling to tell someone, “I’m ready, you can pick me up”-will be eliminated. But I think phone calls will actually end up being longer because people will only call someone when they want to have a longer conversation. (Naples Daily News, 12/23/12, 6-D Texting has fundamentally changed our conversations)

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