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  • Topic Organizer and Reflection:PLANNING INSTRUCTION AND TRAINING

    Posted in Planning Instruction on Sep 11, 2019

    Perhaps the most complex task in the dynamic process of facilitating teaching and learning or training is that referred to as instructional planning . In effect, the actual teaching-learning experiences that occur both in and out of the class setting are legitimized through the integrity of the plans that are conceptualized, developed, implemented and evaluated. Furthermore, the instructional or training plan establishes the foundational bases for the substance of pre-planned subject matter content and related activities that will take place during teaching-learning and organizational training...


    Posted in Planning Instruction on Sep 11, 2019

    Our examination and discussion addressing the planning of instruction and training includes those factors that contribute to dynamic higher education and organization training environments; and most importantly their impact on student and trainee learning and performance. Accordingly, planning instruction and training should include spontaneity and interactivity that enrich and enhance the higher education teaching-learning and organization training experiences . In effect, sound instructional planning should assure that the teaching–learning planning process draw from state of the art pla...