The Guide

  • Topical Outline for Models of Collaboration

    Posted in Models of Collaboration on Sep 11, 2019

    • Mentoring
    • Learning Communities
    • Co-Teaching and Co-Training
    • Observation and Intervention
    • Socialization and Interaction
    • Instructional Evaluation
      • Demonstration
      • Peer Review
      • Portfolio

  • Models of Collaboration: Topic Organizer and Reflection

    Posted in Models of Collaboration on Sep 11, 2019

    In today’s increasingly more expansive, complex and demanding context of higher education, it is imperative that faculty and other personnel develop and acquire collaboration competence within and across the dynamic processes of contemporary instructional leadership. Fostering student learning and growth no doubt requires creative and sustained engagement in a variety of real life community situations made up of a multiplicity of disciplines. Early and continuous interaction within models of collaboration promise unlimited potential for faculty and students in the continued growth and developm...


    Posted in Models of Collaboration on Sep 11, 2019

    In today’s higher education community it is imperative that its members, including administrative leaders, faculty members, student learners, student affairs personnel and community citizens acquire and grow and develop a effective collaborators. Inasmuch as achievement of any proportion and significance can likely to be accomplished by any individual alone defies our core characteristics as social beings.

    We examine in this topic a multiplicity of models that can be effective in promoting the development of attitudes and skills related to effective and sustained collaboration.