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  • INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES: Topic Organizer and Reflection

    Posted in Instructional Resources on Sep 11, 2019

    Today’s higher education and organizational training classrooms and sites are arguably replete with or capable of accommodating a wide variety of instructionally enriching resources. Of course, the extent to which these resources are integrated in the learning experiences and activities, in which students and faculty or trainers engage, is largely predicated on the level of support provided paired with the competence, creativity and skill of those involved. To what extent do you feel competent in preparing written materials, text books, library information resources, technological and related ...

  • Instructional Resources

    Posted in Instructional Resources on Sep 11, 2019

    Numerous instructional and learning opportunities have become available to higher education instructors and organizational trainers As new and exciting resources continue to evolve their influence on the teaching-learning environment offer the possibility of transforming instruction and learning. in higher education and organizational training. In this topic a sweeping variety of resources ar#4. Models of Collaboration

    In today’s higher education community it is imperative that its members, including administrative leaders, faculty members, student learners, student affairs personnel and comm...