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  • Recommended Readings for Higher Education

    Posted in Higher Education Students on Sep 11, 2019

    Glossary and References for Chapter One

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    Biggs, J...

  • Topic Organizer and Reflection

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    Is there any greater challenge in today’s ever increasing diverse landscape of higher education and training environments than designing and implementing highly engaging, enriching and effective learning experiences? Arguably, each student serves as a significant and central focus of the teaching-learning process. Accordingly, each student must be studied carefully, understood fully and accommodated creatively through unfailingly high quality instruction and learning opportunities.

    Can you readily identify several critically important characteristics, needs and interests of higher education st...

  • Introduction

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    Arguably, the most vital entity in higher education is the student. In principle this axiom has been forwarded by higher education institutions for many years. Accordingly, criticism and concern persist with respect to the extent to which today’s higher education student is understood and accommodated within higher education.

    Education, by and large, is a purchase made by students, parents or guardians through legally enforceable contracts, whether written or oral, whether expressed (make knowingly) or implied (made by actions or expectations). An on-going and increasing awareness of the stude...