Facebook tightens controls on attaching names to photos, requires users’ approval
(Barbara Ortutay, A.P. TBN, 8/24/11, B-8)

In a recent social media development, Facebook decided to allow its users to decide whether their friends can attach your name to a photo before it is circulated. Previously, friends could add your name to a photo on Facebook without your consent or knowledge. You were able to remove it later, but only after many other may have seen embarrassing shots. Now, you can insist on pre-approval.

Your friends can still add a photo of you, only whether your name is attached to it, thus making it more difficult for people to find a potentially embarrassing in a search.

As a result of user requests preapproving photo tags was the most requested change. The pre-approval process also applies to written posts that others tag friends in. In addition, the option is also included for pre-approving what others tag on your own photos and posts.

Other privacy oriented changes Facebook has made include how users can control what they are sharing in an effort to make the process simpler. In effect, the change makes it easier for people to share what they want, every time (they) post.
Several examples of changes are: